Foot Strengthening Exercises

Many of us have heard of the core strength of our abdomens... how about core strength of our feet?

Patients I have recommended this to will have a detailed handout already.

However as a lockdown boredom buster, how about giving these a go?

* Keep in mind, unless you have hypermobile ("double jointed") feet, your movements will be far smaller than these videos. Also, give yourself time for your brain pathways to re-awaken... you were born with the ability to do this.*

Lets go!

Toe movements... ignore the little toe misbehaving!

Hallux (big toe) movements - straight up and down, and curving outwards. Repeat with your little toe also.

 Short foot exercise... the most difficult, but the most important. Try to concentrate on sliding the front of you foot back towards your heel,

whilst keeping the front of you foot on the ground...don t let those toes cheat!